BMS Strategic Framework

As a member of ISD 192, We Believe: 

  • Each person has inherent, immeasurable worth. 
  • Each person deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and equity.
  • Each person has the capacity and desire to learn.
  • Equitable practices are vital for healthy communities. 
  • Each person has unique needs that are best met through personalization.
  • Curiosity ignites learning.
  • Human diversity enriches both the individual and community.
  • Integrity is crucial to trust. 
  • Mutual understanding and open communication are vital to trusting relationships.
  • We are stewards of Earth’s natural resources.
  • Communities thrive when individuals are engaged to the best of their ability.
  • Each person is capable of and compelled to do one’s best. 
  • The well-being of future generations depends on us.

The mission of Robert Boeckman Middle School, a learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity, is to ensure each learner exercises ownership for continuous personal growth to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities through:

  • Honoring uniqueness and valuing diverse experiences
  • Safe and empathetic environments that foster authentic relationships
  • Nurturing joy and well-being
  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning
  • Partnering with our communities


  • Each learner continuously grows in their learning.
  • Each learner engages in reflection to guide their future decisions and actions.
  • Each learner explores a variety of ideas and experiences supporting personal growth.

Action Steps: 

  • We will share and utilize research-based, culturally responsive practices to personalize learning.
  • We will create safe and empathetic communities that optimize learning and prioritize well-being.
  • We will develop and design reporting methods that promote ownership for learners and families while supporting a growth mindset.
  • We will create learner-centered systems that honor uniqueness and nurture curiosity.